The appointment you’ve been waiting for has arrived and your braces are now off. HOWEVER, your treatment is NOT finished. If you want your teeth to stay in their correct position, you MUST wear your retainers. Please read the information about caring for your retainer carefully.


  • Retainer
  • Retainer
  • Retainer

1. If you have been given a plate retainer (Hawley) this must be worn ALL the time, at least for the first six months after your braces have been removed, and thereafter at night only.

2. If you have been given an “invisible” retainer, you must wear this ALL the time for the first ten days and thereafter EVERY afternoon and to bed at night.

3. If you have a bonded retainer it will be unable to be removed by you. Please refrain from eating hard foods e.g. ice and biting into apples.

4. If you feel it is loose or broken you need to contact us or your dentist as soon as possible.

5. Otherwise, the ONLY times you can take your retainers out are when you are brushing your teeth, when you are playing contact sport or swimming. For the invisible retainers, you will have to take them out to eat; brush your teeth before you put them back in.

6. If you don’t wear your retainers, your teeth will move.

7. Please bring your retainers in with you at each visit as we need to see how they are fitting.

8. Please look after your retainers; clean them by washing them under cold water and brushing them with your toothbrush. Heat or hot water will distort them and they will not fit you.

9. The safest place is in your mouth, or in the container we gave you. Keep them away from animals: they will chew them. If your retainers are hurting, broken or lost, please contact the office straight away.

10. Lab fees apply to lost or broken retainers.


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